I have always been an artist on the inside. So, after making a good living in the service business--events, restaurants and retail--all of my life, my decision to attend art school at age 52 was not one I made lightly. Changing the course of my life "at this age?" Working full time while taking Continuing Ed courses at the Rhode Island School of Design? My catering jobs were always as color-based and deliberately composed as are my paintings. In fact, my sons' years in competitive regional gymnastics were funded in part by my hand painted furniture and decorative wall treatment business in homes and businesses across the northeast. But I had never been educated in art. I had taught myself all the technique and materials with which to create the finished product.  It was when I realized I had no more knowledge or skills from which to draw that I became truly frustrated! The light bulb went off and RISD became the conduit with which to bring me to this next phase of my life!  With the support of family & friends, I took a risk and jumped in with both feet.

I am a trained oil painter, but depicted here are my paper montages. I am happily obsessed with this challenging medium! Sort of like painting with paper, each piece is composed of cut shards of paper, glued into shape, color and texture to create a moment I have seen or lived in nature. They start with a vision and flow from within me onto the page with very little pre-meditation other than a subject & a thought. Each small (8x10) piece takes a minimum of 25-30 hours of work. The larger ones can take up a month! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do creating them. 

I am fortunate enough to work out of my beautiful studio located right in my back yard. All my paintings, decorative furniture and additional montages are available for viewing either by a physical visit or cyber connection. Please find my contact information below if you are interested in purchasing my work.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



PHONE: 401-499-3586